King Tides and Climate Change

San Francisco’s Exploratorium science museum recently published a mini-documentary about King Tides projects for their “Science in the City” video series:

When science and art intersect in the San Francisco Bay area, the Exploratorium wants to showcase it in their monthly web series, Science in the City. The California King Tides Initiative (CKTI) enjoys strong participation from San Francisco Bay Area residents, and the Exploratorium’s Video Producer, Jim Granato took notice. With sea levels on the rise, crucial documentation can be made of these king tides to help further the research being done by scientists and policy makers. The California King Tides Initiative, similar to its national and international affiliates, has set up a place online where anyone with a camera can help by sharing their photos and information about their communities and how king tides are affecting them. Photographs of king tides in CA submitted to the CKTI flickr group are not only useful and important information about flooding and sea level rise, but are also compelling artistic images. The final episode for the 2013 season of Science in the City features photographs taken by CKTI participants while Marina Psaros and I (Hayley Zemel), Organizing Partners for the King Tides Initiative, discuss the issues of sea level rise, adaptation, communication, and what we can do to prepare for the future.

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